Perfect Touch Beauty

Why have ORDINARY  when you can have EXTRAORDINARY


Gel polish added to your manicure


The GEL MANICURE provides your nails extra strength and makes your polish last!! Featuring GEL POLISH– a superior, sublimely resilient, new way to enhance natural nails and keep them strong and beautiful for weeks. 


Basic manicure includes a sugar scrub and hand massage


The basic grooming for the hands and nails includes a thorough complete nail maintenance, sugar scrub, hand massage and polish.

Acrylic nails with your choice of art work.


ACRYLIC NAILS gives you strength and a flawless finish. My product has LOW ODOR ACRYLIC and is NON-YELLOWING. Nails are lengthened with tips and a layer of ACRYLIC. **Includes Gel polish.


                                          Full set – $45 & up

                                       2 Week Fill In- $35 & up

                                      The regrowth area of your nail is filled in                                                       and a fresh layer of product is applied to that area.                                     

                                      Back fill $35 & up 

                                      The regrowth area of your nail is filled in                                                       and fresh product is applied to this area.                                                       The smile line is replaced. This service is                                                       usually done every other fill in.

Get the Beautiful Non Yellowing Pink and White Nail.


Same procedure as ACRYLIC NAILS except Gel is used instead of Acrylic powder. Gel provides shiny, incredibly transparent and natural finish.

**Includes Gel polish

 Full set  – $55                               

 Fill in – $35 & up

Spa Pedicure with Glitter Toes
Glitter Toes $35

I also offer “Pure Glitter” which is encased between two layers of gel. This service will last up to 4-6 weeks. This is my #1 Toe service! It does not include you pedicure. Add on a pedicure for just $15.
A Spa Pedicure with your choice of polish

SPA PEDICURES includes Foot Soak, Basic Nail Maintenance, Sugar Scrub, Callus Eliminator,Lotion Massage and Polish.


Art Color Acrylic/Glitter:

From Neon to Metallic to Earth Tone and beyond! Add excitement to any acrylic or gel. My glitters are specifically created to provide strength and durability. Mix’em up and let your imagination go wild.